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Jellycat Remi Reindeer Small
Scrumbly-soft in toffee fur, Remi Reindeer is taking a break! A squishably soft and gentle friend, Remi has suedey dark chocolate antlers and a tufty, ...
Remi Reindeer Small
Jellycat Leffy Elf Medium
Leffy Elf is a helpful pal, making toys and games for Santa. It's cold at the North Pole, so Leffy's cheeks are as red as those boots and candycane so ...
Leffy Elf Medium
Jellycat Bashful Bee Medium
This beautiful bug is a real dapper chap. We think his gold and black fur is bee-yootiful, and his squooshy black nose and broad smile make our hearts ...
Bashful Bee Medium
Jellycat Ditzi Penguin
Ditzi Penguin is such a happy hatchling. This chipper chick has cloudy-soft fur in pebble-grey and creamy ruffles. With flappy flippers, scruffly head ...
Ditzi Penguin
Jellycat Festive Lottie Bunny
Lottie Bunny Festive has dressed her best in a beautiful scarlet velvet frock. This beigey bunny has lovely layered skirts, fluffy cream accents and a ...
Festive Lottie Bunny
Jellycat Jolly Fred Gingerbread Huge
Jolly Gingerbread Fred is full of merry mischief! Smartly dressed in rich, spiced fur, Fred wears cream cuffs, embroidered buttons and a suedey scarle ...
Jolly Fred Gingerbread Huge
Jellycat Jolly Santa Huge
Jolly Santa's ready to roll in his finest berry-red coat! He's brushed his white beard till it's soft and silky, ironed his holly-green trousers and p ...
Jolly Santa Huge
Jellycat Huddles Penguin
Tufty and tousled, both parent and chick have charcoal-blue fur with snowy white patches. With squidgy golden feet, a neat bright beak and teeny-tiny ...
Huddles Penguin
Jellycat Amuseable Snowflake Little
Amuseable Snowflake is all tired out from dancing about on the winter breeze! This double-cream cutie has a happy grin and a beany bottom to sit up we ...
Amuseable Snowflake Little
Jellycat Amuseable Candy Cane Little
Peeping out of a festive stocking, it's Amuseable Candy Cane! Stripey-silly in scarlet and cream, with cordy brown boots and a friendly grin, this sof ...
Amuseable Candy Cane Little
Jellycat Maddy Snowman
Maddy Snowman is so excited to meet you, smiling and waving those cordy-choc arms! Squat and squashy, this tussly snowman has a magical mossy bobble h ...
Maddy Snowman
Jellycat Perry Polar Bear Small
For the cosiest cuddles in the whole North Pole, skate on over to Perry Polar Bear! Unbelievably snuggly, this cloudy cream cub is as soft as freshly ...
Perry Polar Bear Small
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