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Polliwogs Children’s Boutique has been a mainstay for Greensboro’s children for over fifteen years.

Polliwogs Children's Boutique began in Greensboro North Carolina in 2005 under the ownership of Melessa Martin. Originally, Polliwogs was part of Blumenthal’s department store in downtown Greensboro as Blumenthal’s Too. In April 2005, Melessa opened the doors of Polliwogs at their first location on Lawndale Drive. The endearing name, Polliwogs, was created from a customer naming contest for the store. For those of you who do not know, a Polliwog is a developing frog.

Melessa established a loyal customer base who loved her friendliness and customer service. In 2012, she realized it was time for her to move on to other life callings and Blythe Barton purchased Polliwogs in July of that year. Blythe grew the store’s selection of brands and in its size offerings, adding a tweens selection. She also scouted a new retail location for the store.

For many years, Irving Park plaza has been iconic in Greensboro and surrounding areas as a shopping and dining destination. It was the perfect home for Polliwogs and in November 2013, Polliwogs relocated to the heart of the plaza! In April 2018, Blythe announced she was closing Polliwogs due to a family job relocation. Margaret White, a loyal customer of the store, was saddened by this news. She couldn't imagine Greensboro without a local children’s store to shop for all of life's big and little celebrations. 

In May 2018, Margaret became the owner of Polliwogs and remains the owner and store buyer to this day. Margaret had a dream to grow the store, offering larger sizes in boys and tweens, more variety of price points, and an expanded shoe selection. When a larger retail space in the same plaza became available, Margaret quickly knew it would be the perfect fit for her vision. In January 2019, Polliwogs opened the doors to their current location. The larger space allows for a larger selection of clothes, toys and accessories, in addition to in-house monograming.

Over the years, Polliwogs Children's Boutique has become a Southeast shopping destination for children's products. offers the same delightful shopping experience for those unable to shop in person at the storefront.  Our personal shopper, Personal Polli, is always available to consult from in town or afar.  Don’t miss out on this invaluable (and free!) experience.  Personal Polli will take care of all your needs.  Contact her today:  [email protected]or call/text 336-455-2794.

Any visit to Polliwogs is a reminder that this is a loved, family business that wants to serve our community and beyond.  Thank you for your continued support!  We are honored to continue to help you dress childhood. 

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Saturday   10:00am – 5:30pm
Closed Sunday

Store front location:

Irving Park Plaza
1722 Battleground Avenue
Greensboro, North Carolina 27408

(336) 275-1555

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