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Jellycat Douglas Dino
Lolling about and having a think - that's what Douglas Dino likes to do! This mossy dino has soft mustard spines, a long curvy tail and deep mossy fur ...
Douglas Dino
Jellycat Fuddlewuddle
The closest thing to cuddling a cloud, Fuddlewuddles are so huggably cute. ...
Jellycat Beatrice Butterfly
Fluttering in with a cheeky grin, it's beautiful Beatrice Butterfly! Rosy and cosy with a beany bottom, soft textured wings and suedey antennae, this ...
Beatrice Butterfly
Jellycat Bashful Pony
Bashful Pony has caramel charm, with soft hooves, round tum and silky mane and tail! A fabulous foal in toffee tones, with a peachy muzzle and perky e ...
Bashful Pony
Jellycat Little Unicorn
Legend has it that Little Unicorn popped right out of a passing cloud! Tousled in sweet vanilla fur, with a silky strawberry mane and tail, this unico ...
Little Unicorn
Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Pig
Fuddlewuddle Pig is rumply-scrumptious, in tousled marshmallow fur. Flumpy and dreamy, this podgy pink piglet has squidgy-soft trotters and suedey ear ...
Fuddlewuddle Pig
Jellycat Otto Sausage Dog
Tiny legs and a great big heart - that's Otto Sausage Dog! This intrepid pup is divinely dinky in dark chocolate fur with caramel patches. With waggly ...
Otto Sausage Dog
Jellycat Bashful Monkey Ring Rattle
Easy squeezy to hold. ...
Bashful Monkey Ring Rattle
Jellycat Bashful Kitty Medium
Bashful Cream Kitten is dreamily soft! This pretty kitty has perky ears, a scrumbly tummy and tickly whiskers, not to mention a fine swishy tail! With ...
Bashful Kitty Medium
Jellycat Little Pig
Perfectly pudgy in fuzzy pink fur, Little Pig is a bundle of love. This foldy-eared friend has a soft suedey snoot and a matching springy curly tail. ...
Little Pig
Jellycat My Mom and Me Book
Bonding is easy with My Mom and Me, as we learn why one lamb loves Mommy so much. A gorgeous story for Mother's Day, or a touching tale for a rainy af ...
My Mom and Me Book
Jellycat The Very Brave Lion
In The Very Brave Lion, a little cub talks to his daddy about growing up. He learns it's ok to be scared sometimes, and that kindness and love are all ...
The Very Brave Lion
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