Ann Williams

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Ann Williams Enchanted Garden
Design a beautiful environment for the unicorn and her friends. Grow the included Ryegrass seeds or add plants from your own garden! Take care of you ...
Enchanted Garden
Ann Williams Latchkits Cupcake
LatchKits are a fun and easy-to-learn craft—just loop, hook, and pull! Everything you need is included: the handy latch hook tool, pre-cut yarn and co ...
Latchkits Cupcake
Ann Williams Craft-Tastic Yarn Elephants
Yarn Elephants Kit leads the pack when it comes to adorable crafts. Kit includes supplies and instructions to make 2 adorable yarn wrapped elephants. ...
Craft-Tastic Yarn Elephants
Ann Williams Craft-Tastic Make a Bunny
Hop into fun with this cuddly bunny that kids can stitch up and stuff themselves. Then get her ready for work or play with 6 ready-made garments! ...
Craft-Tastic Make a Bunny
Ann Williams Craft-Tastic Paper Bowls Kit
These light-weight bowls are easy and fun to make; all you need is a little glue, some paper, and the bowl forms! Everything is included; that's Craft ...
Craft-Tastic Paper Bowls Kit
Ann Williams Craft-Tastic Learn to Sew Kit
This kit is perfect for kids who want to learn to sew. The 34-page step-by-step instruction booklet allows kids to grow their skills with 15 fun proje ...
Craft-Tastic Learn to Sew Kit
Ann Williams Craft-Tastic Surprise Balls
Bring some cheerful fun to your friends with charms, notes and little gifts wrapped in these cute surprise balls you make and design yourself! The sur ...
Craft-Tastic Surprise Balls
Ann Williams Craft-Tastic I Love Rainbows Kit
Brighten any day with this delightful collection of rainbow inspired jewelry and more! Everything needed to create 6 cheery and colorful projects is i ...
Craft-Tastic I Love Rainbows Kit

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