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demdaco Santa's Kindness Ornament  Journal
Santa needs your help spreading kindness and cheer! Ornament illuminates when Christmas tree light is inserted through the back. Scan QR code with sma ...
Santa's Kindness Ornament Journal
demdaco Big Sister Bear
Making the transition from only child to big sister is sometimes scary. That's why Big Sister Plush Puppy is here to reassure Big Sis that there's not ...
Big Sister Bear
demdaco Big Brother Bear
This soft, reassuring 13" plush friend comes with a removable message of love from the new baby, as well as permanent reminders of who the gift is for ...
Big Brother Bear
demdaco Strong & Beautiful Doll
The traits of kindness and bravery make these dolls a perfect first doll. With special differences, they inspire girls to have courage and confidence ...
Strong & Beautiful Doll
demdaco Barnyard Animals Blocks
Teach baby their animals with the delightfully illustrated Barnyard Animal Blocks from the Barnyard Baby Blocks collection. Not only are these toy blo ...
Barnyard Animals Blocks
demdaco Mommy & Me Activity Scarf
Entertain baby while you get some work done. The Mommy and Me Activity Scarf has safety-tested embellishments, such as a rattle, a squeaker and mylar ...
Mommy & Me Activity Scarf
demdaco Gift from the New Kid Bear
Making the transition from only child to big sibling is sometimes scary. That's why Gift from the New Kid Plush Puppy is here to reassure that there's ...
Gift from the New Kid Bear
demdaco Magnetic Mom/Baby
A new take on a classic favorite: a plush activity toy that supports development and creativity during playtime!  ...
Magnetic Mom/Baby
demdaco Hug It Better Buddy
This cute stuffed animal comes with a removable cooling and heating pack to help soothe toddler's ‘boo-boos.’ With snaps on each end, it can easily hu ...
Hug It Better Buddy
demdaco Dear Baby Teddy Bear Plush
An adorable teddy bear plush in linen-like fabric! This plush is accented with the cutest letter type on the feet, ears and arms. Embroidered eyes, fa ...
Dear Baby Teddy Bear Plush
demdaco Mini Giving Bear
This giving bear is not only the furriest sidekick but also the most endearing.  ...
Mini Giving Bear
demdaco Giving Bear
Giving Bear is designed to be gifted to anyone in need of a little comfort, a little brave, a little safe. Everyone needs a hug, and that’s why this c ...
Giving Bear

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